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Wedding colours: Aqua and Purple

Weddings are about you and your personal style. If you like bright colours such a purple and aqua/turquoise then I would say go for it. This board is for a reader requesting these colours to sway her mom. Irene, best of luck and let me know how you get on. I think aqua and turquoise […]
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Wedding theme: Vibrant Peacock Inspiration

Paying homage to the magnificent iridescent plumage of the peacock, these fabulous colours will take centre stage at your wedding. The brilliant purple and turquoise peacock inspired colours are still a very popular combination for weddings today.   Credits:  Table setting,   Cake,   Bride
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Wedding Colours: Purple and Red

Lets face it, not everyone likes pastel colours and there are brides who want to do something very different and creative on their wedding day. Red and purple is, quite honestly, not a combination that I would have thought of but after doing some reseach I found that it does indeed make a fabulous
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Wedding colours: Purple, white and silver

Elegant, regal, classy. These are the words that come to mind when I look at these colours together. If you’re going for a sophisticated look for your wedding, a bit of silver accents added to the purple pulls it all together. A bit of bling adds just the right touch. Credits:   Bouquet,  
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Wedding colours: Purple

Credits:  Dress,   Bunting,   Cupcake,   Sweets,   Parasols,   Bridal Party,   Invitations,   Dessert Check here for more purple ideas. Click here to follow Primadonnabride on Facebook
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Wedding colours: Shades of Purple

Image credits:  Flower vase,   lemonade,   invitation,   cake,   cupcake, flowergirl,   wedding lanterns, wedding dress,   dessert Click here to follow Primadonnabride on Facebook
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