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How to choose bridesmaids dresses that are different colors/styles that look good together

This post is by Sarah Harris of Wedding Planning Advice. Thanks to Sarah for guest blogging today. Modern bridal trends have shoved archaic styles and rigid rules out the wedding window. It is no longer mandatory for bridesmaids to be forced into the same style, same hue, ill-fitting frock. Allowing
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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

What are the most important things to look for when choosing a wedding photographer? You should have a look at complete weddings and make sure that you see all the shots, from the bride getting dressed, to the dance floor antics and everything in between. He should have captured off guarded moments
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Wedding Drinks Calculator

I came across this neat little calculator to work out how much alcohol to supply for your wedding. If you’ll be serving wine and beer go here to work out your quantities. Might just help with the planning. Enjoy the week ahead Carol
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