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Wedding Colours: Green and White

This particular shade of green I haven’t seen around much. It’s fresh, elegant and brings to mind a feel of romance. If you’re still deciding on colours this is a beautiful shade of green to compliment white as well as ivory. Credits: Wedding invitation,  wedding dress, groom,
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Wedding Colours: Purple and Red

Lets face it, not everyone likes pastel colours and there are brides who want to do something very different and creative on their wedding day. Red and purple is, quite honestly, not a combination that I would have thought of but after doing some reseach I found that it does indeed make a fabulous
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Wedding Colours: Coral and White

Not quite orange and also not pink, coral is a pretty, fresh and upbeat choice to use as a signature colour with white or cream. This is for a reader who requested some ideas using coral and cream for her upcoming March wedding. Credits: Flowergirls,   Bride with wrap,   Favours,   Little dress,
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Wedding colours: Light green and gold

Light green and gold, when used as wedding colours adds an air of softness and sophistication to any wedding palette. This particular shade of green is feminine without being overly girly. With the addition of gold as an accent shade you could possibly score points from the male members of the
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Wedding colours: Purple, white and silver

Elegant, regal, classy. These are the words that come to mind when I look at these colours together. If you’re going for a sophisticated look for your wedding, a bit of silver accents added to the purple pulls it all together. A bit of bling adds just the right touch. Credits:   Bouquet,  
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Wedding colours: Coral and Aqua

Aqua and coral is a gorgeous colour combination. I made this board for one of my readers who wanted aqua but did not want the bold orange that is normally paired with aqua. This shade of coral is the perfect toned down version and is perfectly suitable for a beach wedding as well as an […]
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