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Lavender and Herb Wedding Inspiration

Lavender has been a favorite herb for centuries, therefore known as the herb of love This popular herb is used for potpourri, drawer sachets, as well as perfumes. If you’re looking for a favour look no further than a lavender plant in a hessian bag. It is also great for showering the bride and
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Wedding centrepiece ideas using the lavender herb. Simple but effective and not to mention inexpensive. You could even grow the herbs yourself. Imagine the aroma surrounding your venue. Nice, yes I agree.
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Wedding Inspiration Board: Vintage Lavender

The colour lavender symbolises royalty and romance and this vintage  inspiration board certainly is magical, dreamy and romantic.  In days gone by the lavender herb was used by ladies at bathtime to help cleanse the body and mind.  Little sachets were placed under pillows for a calm and soothing
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