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Garden Themed Wedding Ideas

Garden wedding ideas - primadonnabride
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Vintage Romantic Wedding

A bit of pink, a bit of vintage and a whole lot of romance. All images can be found here
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Beach Wedding

South African brides have the perfect weather for a wedding on the beach. For decor you could use garlands of shells, starfish or coral, beach buckets for flowers and lots of candles. Other ideas could be games, such as beach volleyball or if you’re having little ones, they could build
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Wedding Theme: Daisies

If you’re looking for a fresh and simplistic theme for your wedding, daisies may be the way to go. They will also add a feeling of joy and happiness to your celebration. You don’t have to have elaborate bouquets and table decor, simple is sometimes more stunning. A few daisies in bottles
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Wine Estate Wedding

Considering having your wedding at a wine estate? The decor possibilities are endless. Use lots of candles in wine glasses for ambience. Urns for florals are stunning. You might want to incorporate grapes into the decor. Another idea would be to use wine barrels as a base for the cake table. Collect
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Vintage Wedding

An eclectic mix of ‘Old World” magic. Don’t you just love the dress on the left?
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