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A Vintage Wedding Invitation

Chris and Amba invite their wedding guests in Vintage Style!
Sweet and very much in love, couple Chris and Amba, are engaged and soon to be married! And in celebration of their engagement, with the loving touch of the team, they created a one-of-a-kind vintage wedding newspaper invitation overflowing with charm and laughs, which is sure to both entertain and inform their invited wedding guests of their impending nuptials.
Working closely with the couple and their loved ones, the NewsFavor team carefully ensure that their stories were brought to life in print. Unique to each couple, The Love Journal, an A3 in size, 6-paged generous newsprint is printed back-to-back with tales of the lovely couple, detailing their romantic engagement, shared marital advice from loved ones and about their big day to come!
Preserving their romantic proposal, funny titbits that are true to the couple in love and their life as parents of their baby girl, Victoria, their vintage wedding newspaper is truly a memorable keepsake that the couple and their loved ones will treasure for many years to come.

On the cover page, a beautiful picture of happy couple Chris and Amba grabs your attention and reading further, the entertaining tale of how they first met is shared. Both of the belief that they are soulmates, a connection was sparked the evening that they first met at their local bar. Having clicked from the moment that they met, the couple became inseparable and have grown to share similar interests and many memorable times together thus far.
On the inside, the moment of magic – their proposal is shared and stories about the couple are elaborately told by their family and friends. As parents of one, and soon to be expecting another on the way, they are the perfect match both as parents and as husband and wife!

Further inside, we take a trip down memory lane, as friends dish the dirt of Chris and Amba’s individual pasts. Both grateful to have each other in their lives, the pearls of wisdom for a happy marriage shared by their loved ones are sure to be held dear to them on their journey together.
With the carnival-inspired vintage wedding invitation on the back page, their impending nuptials are announced with a dash of whimsy! Dramatic borders and Cupid flourishes adorn their love-filled invitation, where the details of their wedding are shared, including the very exciting surprise location to be revealed to their guests on the day of their wedding!
Below the invitation, invited wedding guests could read all about the upcoming wedding, suggested accommodation and other details about the wedding event.
With the perfect little family, we are thrilled for the lovely couple, Chris and Amba, and wish them a journey together filled with much love and happiness!

Add a touch of vintage whimsy to your impending wedding celebrations with a delightful carnival-inspired vintage newspaper wedding invitation, poster-style! Get in touch with by emailing today to find out how you can have your very own custom-made vintage wedding newspaper keepsake.

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