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Wedding theme: English Tea Party

English tea party

There is a certain old fashioned, romantic appeal to celebrating your wedding with a tea party. Having it in a pretty garden is an affordable way to have a simple affair where your guests can mingle casually and spend time together. To add to the fun and ambience ask your guests to dress for an English Tea Party.

Decorate with floral tablecloths and flowers in mismatched vases or birdcages. Use bunting, ribbons and lanterns to hang in trees. Don’t forget to use lots of pastel vintage teacups in your decor.

Have a pretty presentation of foods set up so that your guests can help themselves. Include savoury and sweet such as mini quiche, assorted pastries, bite sized sandwiches, scones and cupcakes. You can also add platters of freshly sliced fruit.  Don’t forget to have loads of drinks on hand such as iced teas, lemonade and home made ginger beer.

This is the type of reception you can gather family and friends together for help with old vintage dishes, cups and sauces and cutlery.

To end off the afternoon there is nothing better than everyone gathering together for a game of croquet or boules.

Credits;   Children at party,  Cake and dessert table,   Groom,  Flowergirl,   Birdcage decor,   Lemonade,   Bride playing croquet,   teacups,   Bridesmaids,   Flowers,   Tea table with bunting


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