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Thingamathing Wedding Lingerie


ThingAmaThing Lingerie was started in early 2007, with the aim of making gorgeous lingerie available to South Africans over the Internet. ThingAmaThing started with mainly local product ranges, including local favourites Triumph, Wonderbra, Playtex and Sloggi. ThingAmaThing has recently added the stunning range of Vollers Corsets. The range includes a comprehensive selection of bridal overbust and underbust corsets. With a focus on great customer service and a hassle-free exchange policy, shopping for lingerie
online is discreet and fun. A great treat for him and her.

About Bridal Lingerie:
What to wear under your dream dress? That is a difficult question, as you can essentially go two different routes – you can aim to wear something deliciously saucy that will delight him after the wedding and give you that secretive smile… Or you can go for something that shapes and tones, making you look fabulous in your dress. A sexy ivory bra with thong and garter sets are great for going sexy. A bridal basque is also a lovely option for strapless dresses, and as the basque extends over your tummy, it will also give a little shape. If shape is your top priority, a shaper and an awesome strapless or push-up bra are the way to go.

For backless dresses, lingerie can be even more of a challenge. You might need to look at stick-on bras for that extra bit of support. Stick on bras work quite well up to a C cup, but they have been known to fall off if you start dancing widly. So if you can have extra support sewn into your dress, that might actually be the safer way to go!

Fortunately there is a third option that combines the best of both – bridal corsets give you an enviable hourglass shape and are also drop dead gorgeous. Many corsets come with garters, so you don’t need to look frumpy under your dress. Corsets also give you an upright posture. On the downside, that does restrict bending and it takes a little getting used to – it is advisable to wear in your corset before wearing it in on your wedding day.

Corsets come in two flavours – underbust and overbust. Overbust corsets will lift and shape what bust you have, which means an amazing bustline for most. Sadly, what you don’t have can’t be lifted, so overbust corsets can make small chests look smaller. Underbust corsets leave you more freedom with your dress. They come in several different lengths – from shaping just your waist and tummy, to shaping all the way down to the hips for a smooth and sleek silhouette.

What about panties? If you aren’t going with a shaper, it’s important to choose something that is seamless yet comfortable for you. A laser cut thong or hipster as done by Sloggi might not be wildly romantic, but it guarantees seamfree lines.

When it comes to hosiery, don’t stinge here. High quality hosiery is less likely to snag and tear. Also be sure to buy the right size, as you don’t want your stockings to be too tight or baggy.

Definitely try on your lingerie and your dress before your wedding – or bring your lingerie to go dress shopping. The two need to work together, with the lingerie enhancing the fit and look of your dress.

Images courtesy of Vollers Corsets

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  • a london bride November 28th, 2008 at 5:48 am/time

    The advice is great, I had such difficulty with the underwear section of my outfit. Then when I tried it on with the dress it peeped out so my lovely dress shop are attaching it to the dress to help!

  • bridechic November 28th, 2008 at 10:01 pm/time

    I reccommend brides going for that shaping kind of underwear–someday I’m hoping Spanx can meet Victoria’s Secret

  • It's A Jaime Thing December 5th, 2008 at 3:28 am/time

    Gorgeous, I love that first one, great post! I owe you an email…please forgive me for being a dork. Hope you’re having a nice holiday season…

    -Jaime :)

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