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Wedding cupcake d’lights

Delicious, yummy, to die for wedding cupcakes. I’ve just stumbled across this blog with the most amazing cupcakes ever. You have to have a look. Be prepared to be mesmerised. Cupcake D’lights by Zalita
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Decadent Desserts

Decadent, delightful, delicious desserts. All this yumminess comes from Dessert First. Recipes included.
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Get Wine

‘GetWine was founded with the philosophy of providing quality South African wines at competitive prices to everyone who is passionate about enjoying a great wine with friends and family’Johan Wegner offers great prices on great wines and there’s aways specials going on. Choose your
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What makes it a ‘Wedding Cake’

In recent years, wedding cakes have changed so much that almost anything goes. With the choices available now, you are free to have a tower of truffles, sweetie pies or even mini doughnuts. Nowadays the cake can be served as dessert, therefore saving you some money.
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Wedding Cupcakes

Delicious , yummy cupcakes !!
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Wedding Wine Labels

If you are having wine at your wedding why not make your own personalized labels. This is a good idea if you buy inexpensive wines and re-label them. This is also something to think about for favours for your guests. Free Label Maker have quite a selection to choose from and best of all its
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