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Whether it’s for your first entrance as husband and wife or your exit on the way to your honeymoon, long length wedding sparklers will put the spotlight on you and make your big entrance or departure stylish and fun. Use sparklers for your first dance or even in your centrepiece for something different. Imagine the photo opportunities? Your wedding photos full of sparkle will be among your favorites. Have some long length wedding sparklers available at the reception for your arrival. Everyone loves sparkle and your guests will love it. Alternatively place your sparklers in the shape of a heart and have a photo taken of the two of you inside the heart –  Stunning? Whatever you choose be sure to light up the night and have fun.

Where to buy long length wedding sparklers? Click here

Wedding Sparklers


70cm long length wedding sparklers are available at Quirky Parties Also see their Facebook page here. These sparklers burn for 3 minutes and are so much fun. Sparklers are shipped nationwide.

Photo at the top of the post is courtesy of Hostessblog


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Wedding ideas: Cocktail hour activities Tue, 28 May 2013 21:20:16 +0000 Wedding ideas: Cocktail hour activities

It’s no fun being at a wedding and the only thing to do is sip on juices while desperately trying to corner a waiter to grab a canape. It’s a hot day; you  don’t know anyone and you end up standing on your own or with your partner if you have been lucky enough to get an invitation for two. The bride and groom have gone off for their couple shoot and it seems as if a lifetime has passed until they return. Well things have changed and brides are now thinking of different ways to keep their guests entertained during this time. It’s a long day, so think about setting up some entertainment that doesn’t have to be a bank breaker.

A cigar bar is something most men would like. They don’t even have to participate but they will enjoy the camaraderie and the fun of all the guys getting together. Set up a little corner and supply a few boxes of cigars and a bowl of matches. You could even decorate the matchboxes with a vintage theme. Hang a blackboard sign to demarcate the area. Once the bridal party have returned the cigar bar can be taken down.



A pinata or two is an absolute blast. There’s nothing quite like giving a pinata a good whack if only to see what kind of surprises are going to fall out of them. Don’t forget the person doing the whacking has to be blindfolded otherwise where’s the fun? You can make your own pinata or if you don’t have the patience you can have them ready made especially for weddings. You might even want to set up two or three of them.

Bride and groom pinata


Hire an ice cream cart if your wedding is in the summertime. Decorate with bunting and ribbon and have it parked in a strategic position where everyone can help themselves. With a selection of ice creams and wafers in assorted flavours you can’t go wrong. An ice cream cart will be a hit for the young and the old. Imagine the photo possibilities.

croquet and jenga hire - Quirky Parties


Lawn games such as croquet and boule have became a huge trend in wedding entertainment. These are fun, laid back games to play even if you ‘re all dressed in your wedding finery. It’s a game for the young and old and even enjoyable as a spectator. If you are looking to hire lawn games for your wedding including croquet, jenga and boule check out Quirky Parties


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Download and Print Wedding Invitations Thu, 18 Apr 2013 18:16:29 +0000 Anna Skye has designed a ton of free, yes free to download and print wedding invitations and is offering them to you to customise with your own wording. She so kindly designed a couple of invitations to match my butterfly and fuschia and black inspiration boards. These are the last two in the top row. Head on over to Download and Print for some fabulous templates and don’t forget to check back daily for new templates. This is an extremely easy and cost effective wedding project. Thanks so much Anna for sharing your creativity.

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Natasha and Arno: Real Wedding Wed, 10 Apr 2013 05:06:08 +0000 The bride & Groom (Natasha & Arno), are a fun & quirky couple, who absolutely stayed true to their personalities when they planned their wedding decor & theme. This wedding was totally DIY with a funky twist
001 - Real wedding Natasha and Arno 002 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 003 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 004 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 005 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 006 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 007 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 008 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 009 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 010 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 011 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 012 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 013 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 014 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno

017 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 018 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno
020 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 021 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 022 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 023 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 024 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 025 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 026 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 027 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno 028 -  Real wedding Natasha and Arno

How they met:

We were in the same high school. Him, the rebellious heartbreaker, me, the typical innocent nerdy girl. We hooked up in school for 2 weeks; he dumped me, because I was way too sweet and innocent. He hunted me down 7 years later and his persistence paid off. From our first date, we were never a day apart. A real (true) love story that happened to me?! Smiles :)

Why they chose their venue:

Fraaigelegen Vineyard Estate, Paarl, South Africa –

We were on a tight budget, but wanted the wedding to be super special, custom and individual. My mother in law found our wedding venue online. When we went to the wedding to have a look at what they had to offer, we fell in love with the owners and hosts as well as the pricelist and menu choices. We originally wanted to get married on the lush lawn, but weather didn’t play along for our big day. Not that it changed the fact that it was close to perfect.

What advice she has for future brides:

Stay calm, take all the help you can get and that’s offered. Find your style and stick to it. Enjoy every moment of planning, even when it gets stressful, you will miss it when it’s done. Make lists and tick off when done. Move on. Things will go wrong on your wedding day, stay calm and let your party sort it out for you, relax and remember the reason for this day. You are getting married to your best friend.

They walked down the isle to: A thousand years by Taylor Buono

Their first dance was to: Guardian Angel by The red jumpsuit apparatus

What inspired her to style her wedding the way she did: Vintage romantic things all over inspired everything I wanted for the day. I feel your wedding day should be celebrated, it’s a party, and it should be happy and colourful.

Photography & Videography: Shireen Louw Photography
Dress: ReinHa Bestbier Designs -
Make-up & Hair: Sebastine Pepler –
Bunting flags – Handmade by my sister and myself
Hearts – Handmade by my sister and myself

Décor rented by To-Nette’s –
Our wedding website – – Bride

Stationary, designs and menus – Bride
Laser cutting – Designed by bride and cut by Cape Craft Laser -

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Alternative and non traditional wedding bouquets Sat, 23 Mar 2013 09:55:47 +0000 Many brides have their reasons to use an alternative to fresh flowers. Below are a few ideas to get you going. Most of these ideas can be done way ahead of the day saving you lots of stress. So get DIYing and if you are doing anything different be sure to let us know.
Wrist corsage

Wrist corsages are similar to a bracelet which is decorated with flowers. It could be fresh or fabric flowers. With the wide choice of flowers, beads and accessories available this is great as a DIY project and if you choose fabric flowers, wrist corsages can be made well in advance and set aside for the big day. Source from left to right 1, 2, 3, 4

Candy bouquets Little girls in the wedding party are sure to love these edible cookie bouquets from More than just cakes. Not only do they look pretty they are different to the normal bouquets and could also be part of the flowergirls gifts.

Candy BouquetsThese bouquet confections are so creative it would be difficult resisting the temptation to have a nibble along the way. So unique and different. Source: Left, Right


brooch bouquets

Then we have the brooch bouquet. These bouquets are made of vintage, sparkly brooches, the kind the older generation used to wear. If you were able to collect a variety of different brooches you would be sure to have a one of a kind bouquet. This is another wedding keepsake that goes on forever. Source: TopLeft, right

Paper flower wedding bouquets

Paper flowers are always in season. You can pick your colours to get exactly the shade you need. They won’t fade or die and you have paper flowers to decorate gifts long after the wedding day. Source: Left and Right

feather bouquets
Feather bouquets are stylish and glamorous right now. More brides are wearing feathers in their hair so why not carry through with a feather bouquet? Source: Left, Right.

fabric wedding bouquetOne of my favourite non fresh flower bouquet is the fabric bouquet. Note how pretty and vintagey the top one is. Source: Top, bottom left, bottom right

lanterns from smp
These bridesmaids are carrying lanterns. Ever so pretty! These could also be their bridesmaids gift from you to always remember your wedding day. Source: Style me pretty

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A Vintage Wedding Invitation Sat, 16 Feb 2013 09:00:00 +0000 Chris and Amba invite their wedding guests in Vintage Style!
Sweet and very much in love, couple Chris and Amba, are engaged and soon to be married! And in celebration of their engagement, with the loving touch of the team, they created a one-of-a-kind vintage wedding newspaper invitation overflowing with charm and laughs, which is sure to both entertain and inform their invited wedding guests of their impending nuptials.
Working closely with the couple and their loved ones, the NewsFavor team carefully ensure that their stories were brought to life in print. Unique to each couple, The Love Journal, an A3 in size, 6-paged generous newsprint is printed back-to-back with tales of the lovely couple, detailing their romantic engagement, shared marital advice from loved ones and about their big day to come!
Preserving their romantic proposal, funny titbits that are true to the couple in love and their life as parents of their baby girl, Victoria, their vintage wedding newspaper is truly a memorable keepsake that the couple and their loved ones will treasure for many years to come.

On the cover page, a beautiful picture of happy couple Chris and Amba grabs your attention and reading further, the entertaining tale of how they first met is shared. Both of the belief that they are soulmates, a connection was sparked the evening that they first met at their local bar. Having clicked from the moment that they met, the couple became inseparable and have grown to share similar interests and many memorable times together thus far.
On the inside, the moment of magic – their proposal is shared and stories about the couple are elaborately told by their family and friends. As parents of one, and soon to be expecting another on the way, they are the perfect match both as parents and as husband and wife!

Further inside, we take a trip down memory lane, as friends dish the dirt of Chris and Amba’s individual pasts. Both grateful to have each other in their lives, the pearls of wisdom for a happy marriage shared by their loved ones are sure to be held dear to them on their journey together.
With the carnival-inspired vintage wedding invitation on the back page, their impending nuptials are announced with a dash of whimsy! Dramatic borders and Cupid flourishes adorn their love-filled invitation, where the details of their wedding are shared, including the very exciting surprise location to be revealed to their guests on the day of their wedding!
Below the invitation, invited wedding guests could read all about the upcoming wedding, suggested accommodation and other details about the wedding event.
With the perfect little family, we are thrilled for the lovely couple, Chris and Amba, and wish them a journey together filled with much love and happiness!

Add a touch of vintage whimsy to your impending wedding celebrations with a delightful carnival-inspired vintage newspaper wedding invitation, poster-style! Get in touch with by emailing today to find out how you can have your very own custom-made vintage wedding newspaper keepsake.

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Red and Aqua Blue Wed, 16 Jan 2013 21:23:54 +0000 Red and aqua is a striking and vibrant colour combination. Perfect for the cheerful fun-loving bride and groom who dare to be different. What do you think of an aqua and red wedding? I can see bunting, rosettes and a very pretty candy buffet. Especially in an outdoor setting!
Blue and red wedding colours
Aqua -blue-and red wedding
Wedding colour inspiration - red and aqua blue
Wedding colours red and blue
Red and blue wedding colours
Red and aqua blue table setting
Red and blue wedding colours
red and blue brooch bouquet
Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration and credits

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Wedding colours: Aqua and Purple Tue, 04 Dec 2012 14:42:46 +0000 Weddings are about you and your personal style. If you like bright colours such a purple and aqua/turquoise then I would say go for it. This board is for a reader requesting these colours to sway her mom. Irene, best of luck and let me know how you get on. I think aqua and turquoise is a pretty combination. What do you think?
Purple and blue wedding inspiration
Source:  Cupcakes,   Flowergirl,  Cake,  Pom poms,  Bouquet,  Bridesmaids dress,  Signboards,  Invitation, Cupcakes.

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Wedding theme: Vibrant Peacock Inspiration Sat, 21 Jul 2012 06:56:59 +0000 Paying homage to the magnificent iridescent plumage of the peacock, these fabulous colours will take centre stage at your wedding. The brilliant purple and turquoise peacock inspired colours are still a very popular combination for weddings today.

Vibrant peacock inspired wedding colours


Credits:  Table setting,   Cake,   Bride and Groom,   Shoes,   Bridesmaids Sash,   Bouquet,   Invitation

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Creative ways to display seating cards Thu, 17 May 2012 08:08:03 +0000 Seating or escort cords are used to show the guests where they are seated. Most brides say it’s the most stressful part of the wedding planning. Why not make it fun by choosing a different and unique way to display your names? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Ideas for seating charts at weddings

Seating chart - ideas for wedding

Rosettes - Seating  escort ideas
Pinwheels - seating ideas for weddings
Wedding ideas - seating
Mini Lanterns - seating numbers at weddings

Check out our Pinterest board for the credits and more seating ideas for your wedding.

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