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Marie Antoinette Inspired Party

One of my readers, Sasha, sent in these pictures of her Christmas party, which could so easily be turned into a wedding shower. Mostly this party was Diy and a lot of the items used were found at home. Sasha used glass decanters as centerpieces, filled with water, coloured with food colouring.
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Wedding Paper Lanterns

Wedding paper lanterns are such a fun addition to your wedding or any party. Suitable for use indoors and out. They look stunning blowing in the breeze. These are available from Quirky Parties in white only. Click here to visit our wedding planning message boards
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Wedding Jewellery

I bet your bridesmaids would love to wear one of these gorgeous pieces of jewellery on your wedding day. Find something fabulous over at this designers blog or catch up with her at Etsy.She is based in Johannesburg but will post anywhere. Go and find something unique and stunning for your wedding
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Place cards

Here’s an idea to combine your place cards and guest book. If you are using tented place cards, you would already have the guests name on the front of the card. By supplying pens they could write a wedding wish inside their cards. You could use a poem similar to this to direct them as […]
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Paper Pom Poms

source Awhile back I did a post with a diy link on how to make pom poms. There are so many things you can do with them as you can see in the pictures. This is economical and fairly easy to make.
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Wedding Decor Ideas

source I found these beautiful pictures so I thought I would post florals today. Lots of inspiration and ideas here. Don’t you just love the decorated arch with the butterflies? I think it’s gorgeous.
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